Burning Power – Is Your Faith Misplaced?

Though man can make a flame, it is eventually put out.  My hope is in the burning Power of God, Which cannot be extinguished.

During one of my sleeping spells today, I had a dream that really put my faith in check.  As I open my eyes, I see how easily faith can be misplaced.

I was with a large group of friends walking down the side of a busy street.  As we were walking along, I noticed one of them jumping up to touch a power line that was hanging low, just above our heads.  In panic, I said, “Hey, stop!  That’s dangerous!”

A short while later, the wires started to fall.  Some of us, including myself, were caught in the wires as they landed.

I could feel the electric shock pulsing through my entire body, as if in reality.  Paralyzed by pain, a news reel of risk factors and survival rates started running through my head.

Though I couldn’t move or speak, I was able to force out one Word – one Name – Jesus.

Once I could say His Name, I repeated it over and over again.

As I waited for the Lord to act, I could see the onlooking faces of those standing by, watching me burn with electricity.  I could see the horror in their eyes, helpless to save me.  My hope for survival quickly faded.

That’s when I realized I was still placing my hope – and ultimately my faith – in the wrong places. I was calling out to God for rescue, but looked to others to have the power to help me.  How little faith!

Realizing my foolishness, my heart cried out in remorse to the Lord, and accepted the possibility of my death, putting trust in God’s Will.

As I did, a vision of His Promise flashed before me, and the burning pain turned into burning Power of the Holy Spirit.

I called to the Lord with confidence, reminding Him (and myself) of the living sacrifice I stand to serve.

“What is gained if I am silenced, if I go down to the pit?  Will the dust praise You?  Will it proclaim Your faithfulness?  Hear, Lord, and be merciful to me; Lord, be my help…  That my heart may sing Your praises and not be silent.  Lord, my God, I will praise You forever.”

Psalm 30:9-10,12

I feel awakened in more ways than one.  This dream – this vision – has reminded of the fire God ignited in me.  He is the One Who helps me.  He is the One Who qualifies me.  My hope is in Him, not anyone or anything else.


2 thoughts on “Burning Power – Is Your Faith Misplaced?

  1. Great post CC, I like that this post focuses on where we place our faith. I like when you said in the post, ” He is the One Who helps me. He is the One Who qualifies me. My hope is in Him, not anyone or anything else.”

    This post reminded me of reading Mark 6 where the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years had faith that if she just touched Jesus’ garments that she would be healed.

    I feel that this is the same type of faith we as Christians should have towards the situations in our lives.

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