Your Prayers Can Go Further

Do random people ever pop into your mind from time to time?  Do those people make you feel the need to thank God for placing them in your life? If not, is there someone you feel convicted to thank God for now?  

What would it feel like to know there was someone out there who thanked God for you each time they thought of you?

There are several people I pray for when they come to mind, and truly do give thanks for.  These include old friends, loved ones who have passed away, family members, and even random acquaintances, but the list is far too short.  Even so, how much more would the Father be glorified if those people knew all of this?

“How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you?” – 1 Thessalonians 3:9

Let’s consider this example: I could send a message to an old middle school volleyball teammate and let her know that although we were never that close, I truly valued her friendship and praise God for placing her in my life.

What stops me from doing something so simple?  Easy – the world tells us we are bothering others when we think of stepping out and sharing love.

I won’t lie, at one point, I’d become so negatively conditioned, I felt unworthy, insignificant, and ultimately irrelevant in any conversation.  It severely damaged my ability to speak to anyone with confidence, let alone someone I rarely talk to.  This leads me to the question of the day:

How much of an impact could one comment make?  

When it came to my frame of mind, I had to – as Missy Elliott would say – “flip it and reverse it.”  I’d been so consumed with my negative emotions, I never considered the possibility of the other person having the same issues.  How would I feel if someone did that for me in that moment?  Well, I would probably melt into a puddle of mush.  That’s when I realized I had no reason NOT to reach out with something so powerfully simple, and my prayers could go even further if I took some initiative, myself.

The moment we decide to voice the truth could be the very moment God has orchestrated to change someone’s life.

The Lord has a way of delivering the right message at exactly the right time, so..

“Who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?” – Esther 4:14

This week, I urge you to pray and spend time reflecting on all of the people God has blessed you with throughout your life, regardless of how long or how long ago you knew them.  Furthermore, I urge you to share the love in your heart.  After all, it was never meant for us to keep to ourselves.

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  1. Cassie Clayton you blessed my life with sharing this. I love you sweetie. My whole family loves you and your family. I am thanking God this very moment for the perfectly orchestrated plan of our families lives crossing paths beginning in San Antonio.

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